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The layer of gases that surrounds the Earth is called:
a) the atmosphere b) Pangaea c) mist d) weather
The process by which gases hold heat in the atmosphere is called:
a) The Greenhouse Effect b) Conduction c) a circuit d) the water cycle
Why has weather forecasting improved over the last 100 years
a) improved data gathering and better computer technology b) lots of practice c) It has not improved d) the use of microscopes
Hurricanes typically form over
a) warm ocean waters b) cold ocean waters c) warm dry land d) cold, dry land
Cool air, in a house, tends to
a) sink b) rise c) stay in one place d) smell
One thing people in the United States could do to reduce air pollution is
a) use public transportation or car pool b) Drive more cars c) Use more electricity d) Buy more things
Heat transfer between two substances that are in contact is called
a) conduction b) convection c) radiation d) the Greenhouse Effect
Heat from the sun reaches you by
a) radiation b) conduction c) convection d) the water cycle
The two most abundant (most common) gases in the atmosphere are
a) oxygen and nitrogen b) oxygen and carbon dioxide c) nitrogen and carbon dioxide d) nitrogen and hydrogen
Earth's atmosphere is important to living things because it
a) provides all the gases that are needed to survive b) is pretty c) contains weather d) is all around us
Most air pollution comes from
a) burning of fossil fuels b) cows c) teachers d) air conditioners
In a series circuit with three bulbs,
a) has one path b) has many paths c) has 3 paths d) has four paths
Which type of material would lightning most easily flow through
a) conductor b) insulator c) wood d) rubber
If the coast guard warns of a giant wave of water approaching the shore as a result of a major earthquake, they are warning of
a) tsunami b) Pangaea c) mudslide d) plate tectonic
What is name of the Earth tremors that can cause damage days or months after a large earthquake?
a) aftershock b) Pangea c) tsunami d) riptide
Water vapor is water in the form of
a) a gas b) steam c) solid d) liquid
An example of an insulator is
a) rubber b) copper c) silver d) aluminum
An electric current will always follow
a) the path of least resistance b) the path of most resistance c) the crumbs left behind by Hanzel and Gretal d) the magnetic field
Scientists who study weather and try to predict it are called
a) meteorologists b) seismologists c) volcanologists d) paleontologists
The ozone layer protects living things on Earth from
a) ultraviolet radiation b) tectonic plates c) lightning d) static electricty
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