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The reminder of design process that allows the viewer to see items in an agreeable manner is:
a) Harmony b) Contrast c) Rhythm d) Variety
Which principles of design involves repetition to give the appearance that movement is taking place?
a) Rhythm b) Contrast c) Harmony d) Variety
When developing a new product or system, one must weigh the benefits as well as the potential:
a) consequences b) Functionality c) Progression d) Waste
When a division in a design creates two halves that are symmetrical, what principle in graphic design is being used?
a) Balance b) Proportion c) Rhythm d) Unity
What is developed through an ongoing process of evaluation that allows a product to improve over time?
a) Designs b) Items c) Products d) Symmetry
The process of developing a design brief is to provide a/an:
a) Written plan that identifies a problem to be solved, its criteria and its constraints b) Explanation of the project that you will be developing c) Graphic of the design process d) Plan of action to give to research and development engineers
The factors that influence a product's development must be determined by utilizing:
a) Safety, reliability, environmental concerns, maintenance and ergonomics b) Product need, public domain, manufacturability and maintenance c) Research and development, product testing and evaluation procedure d) Trial and error procedures, materials processing and product testing
Complying with codes and regulations to provide safe operation of products is:
a) Safety b) Ergonomics c) Functionality d) Reliability
Elements of design consist of the development of a product's:
a) Line, shape, form, color, texture, and space b) Line, design, concept, and contrast c) Line, formula, planning, and feedback d) Line, product development, planning and evaluation
Design principles include:
a) Rhythm, balance and proportion b) Manufacturing, machines and process c) Plan, principles and elements d) Systems, structures and economics
The definition of design is an interactive decision-making process that produces plans by which resources are:
a) Converted into products or systems that meet human needs and wants b) Deemed necessary to become technologically literate c) Thrown at problems before attempting a solution d) Used to evaluate existing designs
Through repetition of lines, colors, shapes, and/or textures, one can achieve:
a) Rhythm b) Emphasis c) Unity d) Proportion
The size relationship of one object to another refers to:
a) Proportion b) Balance c) Emphasis d) Variety
To comply with codes and refulations so as to provide safer operation of products by the developer and consumer is:
a) Safety b) Ergonomics c) Reliability d) Quality control
Which is the primary factor in the development of new products and systems?
a) Safety b) Ergonomics c) Manufacturability d) Reliability
What is a design proposal?
a) A written plan of action for solutions to a proposed problem b) A systematic problem-solving strategy, with criteria and constraints c) An interactive decision-making process that produces plans d) Design rules regarding rhythm, balance, proportion and criteria
Elements of design consist of the development of a product's physical line, shape, form space, color and texture as it relates to the:
a) Human senses b) Buyer c) Human body d) Universe
A written plan of solutions to a proposed problem is a design:
a) Proposal b) Brief c) Principle d) Process
Adding elements of interest to a graphic or product in order to gain interest in a graphic or product is called:
a) Variety b) Rhythm c) Symmetry d) Unity
When all of the parts of a design look as if they belong together, what principle has been achieved?
a) Unity b) Balance c) Proportion d) Rhythm
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