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What were some of the difficulties faced by immigrants?
a) Not enough places to live, not enough to eat and didn’t understand English b) Difficulty finding a job, place to live, understanding English and discrimination c) Couldn’t satisfy their sweet tooth, not enough candy, donuts or baklava d) Understanding America, language, and not enough baked beans
What were three reasons why people came to America?
a) To be with family, see a new world, they heard the streets were lined with gold b) To take other’s jobs away, eat their food and become involved with the government c) To escape poverty, hunger and unjust governments d) To escape, sail the ocean, and explore
What happened at Ellis Island?
a) Immigrants came into the US asked if they had family and were checked by doctors to make sure they were healthy. b) Immigrants were checked to see if they knew English c) Lawyers checked the immigrant’s papers and separated families. d) Families were separated, and did not see each other again.
This person drew political cartoons of Uncle Sam, Republicans and Democrats
a) Samuel Gompers b) Thomas Nast c) Thomas Block d) Samuel L. Jackson
Who ran Tammany Hall?
a) Boss Tweed b) Boss Hogg c) Boss Man d) Boss A. Nova
What did the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 do?
a) Allowed states to control the shipping of goods b) Allowed businesses to set the cost of shipping goods between states c) Allowed control of shipping goods on the ocean d) Allowed the government to control the cost of shipping goods between states
Why did workers form unions?
a) To let children work b) To let women work c) To protect workers' rights d) All of the choices are correct
Standard Oil was owned by what man?
a) John Sherman b) John Rockefeller c) John Boehner d) John Adams
What did the Sherman Anti-trust Act say?
a) It said that trusts and monopolies were against the law. b) It said that people can't trust their boss. c) It said that monopoly was a board game you could trust. d) It said that a group of businesses joined together and monopolized.
What invention by Alexander Graham Bell improved communication in the United States?
a) teleport b) telegraph c) telegram d) telephone
How is steel produced?
a) Bessemer process: melting iron and oil together b) Bessemer process: melting coal and oil together c) Bessemer process: melting iron and coal together d) Bessemer process: melting iron and aluminum together
Who is known as the 'father of assembly line'?
a) Henry Ford b) Thomas Edison c) Alexander Graham Bell d) Andrew Carnegie
What did Thomas Edison use for running electric current in his light bulb?
a) horse hair b) cotton thread c) horse hair d) silver wire
Why did prejudice towards immigrant groups grow?
a) Americans were afraid they would take their jobs b) Americans forgot that the United States was built by immigrants c) Immigrants were will to work for longer hours and lower wages d) All of the choices are correct
In what area of the United States did many Asian immigrants settle?
a) West Coast b) East Coast c) Texas d) Midwest
Which parts of Europe did the “Old Immigrants” come from?
a) Southern and Western Europe b) Northern and Eastern Europe c) Southern and Eastern Europe d) Northern and Western Europe
Which parts of Europe did the “New Immigrants” come from?
a) Southern and Western Europe b) Northern and Eastern Europe c) Southern and Eastern Europe d) Northern and Western Europe
How many people arrived in the United States between 1840 and 1920?
a) More than 6 million b) More than 35 million c) 6 million d) 35 million
What is the name of the center where immigrants entered on the west coast?
a) Los Angeles b) Angel Island c) Alcatraz d) San Francisco
Who named the Gilded Age?
a) Abraham Lincoln b) Marc Train c) Immigrants d) Mark Twain
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