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Tone relates to ___________ attitude or feeling.
a) the reader's b) everyone's c) the author's d)
Which of the following could NOT be a theme of Huck?
a) Huck and Tom are best friends. b) Everyone deserves freedom. c) Sometimes the right decision is a hard decision. d)
Setting relates to both
a) time and place b) characters and time c) place and plot d)
Which of the following is a symbol of Huck's independence?
a) Pap b) the river raft c) shoes d)
Which of the following is the correct sequence of events from Huck's story?
a) Tom gets shot, Pap kidnaps Huck, and Jim becomes a free man. b) Jim becomes a free man, Pap kidnaps Huck, and Tom gets shot. c) Pap kidnaps Huck, Tom gets shot, and Jim becomes a free man. d)
Passages told from the narrator's point of view using I, me, my are
a) 1st person b) 2nd person c) 3rd person d)
When an outside narrator (who is not a character) refers to those in the story as he, she, they, them...
a) it's written in 1st person b) it's written in 2nd person c) it's written in 3rd person d)
In Huck's story, he is the narrator or the _____________________.
a) main character b) person telling the story c) author d)
Which of the following shows the correct order of events in the plot?
a) resolution, climax, exposition, rising action, falling action b) exposition, climax, falling action, resolution, rising action c) exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution d)
The moral of a story is the __________ to be learned.
a) lesson b) vocabulary c) plot d)
What was Pap's motive for getting Huck back home?
a) He loved him. b) He wanted his money. c) He just missed his son. d)
You could expect the mood of a mystery novel to be very
a) funny b) sad c) suspenseful d)
Which of the following is not an external conflict?
a) Huck worries he is making a bad decision b) Pap is after Huck. c) The Phelps locked Jim up. d)
Internal conflicts are those
a) between two characters b) inside of a character c) involving nature d)
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