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The first battle of the American Revolution
a) Battle of Lexington and Concord b) Battle of Trenton and Saratoga c) Battle of Valley Forge and Saratoga d) Battle of Yorktown and Trenton
Colonists argued with British soldiers. Shots were fired and 5 Americans were killed.
a) Boston Massacre b) Boston Tea Party c) Shay's Rebellion d) Battle at Lexington
He led the Native Americans against the British colonists during the King Phillip's War
a) Squanto b) Chief Massassoit c) Metacomet d) John Smith
Washington's troops suffered through a harsh time with no huts, men slept frozen to the ground, and food was scarce.
a) Battle at Yorktown b) Battle of Trenton c) Winter at Valley Forge d) Boston Massacre
This was the last great battle of the American Revolution
a) Battle of Sartatoga b) Battle of Yorktown c) Battle of Trenton d) Battle at Lexington
The route that was traveled between African and West Indies for the purpose of slave trading
a) Triangular Trade Route b) Middle Passage c) Silk Road d) Atlantic Ocean
On December 25, 1776, Washington crossed the Delaware River and surprise attacked sleeping Germany mercenaries.
a) Battle of Trenton b) Battle of Yorktown c) Battle of Saratoga d) Battle at Lexington
This was the turning point of the American Revolution. It showed France that America could win the war. France joined America in the fight.
a) Battle of Trenton b) Shay's Rebellion c) Battle of Yorktown d) Battle of Saratoga
This occurred when farmers couldn't pay their taxes
a) Shay's Rebellion b) Boston Massacre c) Boston Tea Party d) Battle of Trenton
Colonists dressed as Mohawk Indians and dumped tea in the Boston Harbor.
a) Boston Massacre b) Battle of Boston c) Shay's Rebellion d) Boston Tea Party
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