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What are the foods a person usually eats and drinks called?
a) diet b) My Plate c) nutrition d) nutrients
What are the parts of food that help your body grow and get energy?
a) fluoride b) nutrients c) nutrition d) diet
What is a diet based on the My Plate?
a) My Plate b) Serving c) Balanced Diet d) Diet
What is the study of food and how it affects the body?
a) fluoride b) diet c) nutrients d) nutrition
What are the woody parts of plants called?
a) fiber b) serving c) meat d) dairy
What is a tool that helps you choose foods for a healthy diet?
a) diet b) My Plate c) balanced diet d) fiber
What is the measured amount of food you would probably eat during a meal called?
a) serving b) diet c) meat d) dairy
What is a nutrient your body needs in small amounts?
a) diary b) fluoride c) fiber d) serving
A food that is unsafe to eat is called?
a) refrigerator b) pathogen c) germ d) spoiled
Another name for this is germs. In food it can cause illness.
a) spoiled b) fiber c) pathogen d) energy
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