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what is the command that finds a entity
a) execute b) setblock c) summon d) entitydata
how much heath do you have in creative
a) 10 hearts and 20 heath b) 5 hearts and 10 heath c) 1 heart and 2 heath d) none
can tou fly in survival
a) no only with hacks b) yes c) d)
what block can you not break
a) bedrock b) dirt c) obsidian d) glowstone
is herobrine real
a) no just a glitch b) yes he is a addied enimy c) d)
minecraft is the best game ever
a) yes b) no c) to some people aka 50 50 d)
whitch one has to be spawned
a) b) enderdragon c) wither d)
push yes to keep playing
a) yes b) no give me more questions c) d)
you do not sufecate in what
a) ice b) stone c) glass d)
is this a good test
a) yes b) no c) d)
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