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What creates movies that often reflect Indian traditions and Hindu themes?
a) Bollywood b) AMC c) Hollywood d) Moksha
India is what fraction of the US?
a) 1/16 b) 1/3 c) 2/4 d) 5/8
Before Buddha founded Buddhism, he examined what religion?
a) Christianity b) Fosterism c) Hinduism d) Judaism
Which of the following is a famous landmark in India?
a) Mt Rushmore b) Eiffel Tower c) White House d) Taj Mahal
What is the belief called in which your soul is reborn in a new body after death?
a) moksha b) reincarnation c) hyperism d) fashion
What country colonized India?
a) Great Britain b) United States c) France d) Pakistan
How was the beginning of Islam?
a) tumultuous b) peaceful c) fun d) relaxing
Which of the following is NOT a monotheistic religion?
a) Christianity b) Hinduism c) Judaism d) Islam
What is the ultimate goal of Hindus?
a) financial stability b) achieve moksha c) have a big family d) live to an old age
According to the five pillars of Islam, where do Muslims need to travel at least once in their lifetime?
a) Mecca b) Seoul c) Washington d) London
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