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The teeth grinding food is an example of what kind of change?
a) phyical b) chemical c) biological d) digestive
Which system carries oxygen to the body from the lungs?
a) Digestive b) Excretory c) Circulatory d) Endocrine
Which systems work together to get nutrients from food to the body?
a) respiratory and digestive b) circulatory and respiratory c) respiratory and excretory d) digestive and circulatory
What kind of change occurs when saliva breaks down food particles?
a) physical b) chemical c) mechanical d) biological
Which system is responsible for filtering wastes from the blood?
a) excretory b) respiratory c) digestive d) endocrine
How does the endocrine system maintain homeostasis?
a) it absorbs nutrients b) it allows for movement c) it regulates hormones d) it controls body temperature
Which systems below work together when a pitcher throws a baseball?
a) digestive and muscular b) nervous and muscular c) excretory and endocrine d) skeletal and digestive
In which system would you find stomach acid chemically breaking down food?
a) digestive b) circulatory c) respiratory d) excretory
In which system would you find organs that absorb water and nutrients?
a) respiratory b) excretory c) Circulatory d) digestive
Which system is responsible for body movement?
a) skeletal b) muscular c) digestive d) respiratory
Which system exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide?
a) digestive b) excretory c) respiratory d) circulatory
Which systems interact to produce adrenaline?
a) circulatory and excretory b) nervous and endocrine c) digestive and respiratory d) excretory and skeletal
Which system is responsible for PRODUCING blood cells?
a) skeletal b) circulatory c) respiratory d) digestive
The brain and spinal cord are part of which system?
a) circulatory b) respiratory c) nervous d) digestive
Which system eiminates waste through urine?
a) excretory b) digestive c) endocrine d) respiratory
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