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What is the control group in an experiment?
a) group not included in an experiment b) group not given any treatment c) independent variable d) dependent variable
Fire is non-living because it does not...
a) grow b) reproduce c) contain cells d) use energy
Which of the following terms is used for an organism that makes its own food?
a) decomposer b) consumer c) producer d) scavenger
Anything that causes a reaction or change in an organism is called...
a) producer b) metabolism c) cell d) stimulus
What is an independent variable?
a) what is being measured b) the control group c) what is being tested d) the conclusion
What is one feature of a good conclusion?
a) it's typed b) it's long c) it uses data to support ideas d) it does not answer the question of the experiment
What do living things need to survive?
a) temperature, pressure, melting, food b) energy, oxygen, heat,food c) sunlight, wind, water,food d) habitat, air, water, food
Shivering to stay warm is an example of...
a) sweating b) homeostasis c) DNA d) metabolism
Plants are living because they..
a) grow and develop b) reproduce c) respond to change d) all of these
The term dry mix is used for remembering...
a) how to mix chemicals b) how to create a map of a region c) how to find variables on a graph d) how to find the weight of an object
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