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A telescope that uses mirror and a lens
a) reflecting telescope b) refracting telescope c) microscopic telescope d)
A telescope that uses lenses
a) refracting telescope b) reflecting telescope c) microscopic telescope d)
To travel in space, you would need to bring
a) food, water, and oxygen b) food, water, and nitrogen c) food, water, and carbon dioxide d)
The first artificial satelitte in space
a) Sputnik-1 b) Voyager-1 c) Apollo 11 d)
The imaginary line that goes through the North Pole to the South Pole
a) axis b) International Date Line c) Standard Time Zone d)
The scientist that found evidence of Earth's rotation
a) Fourcault b) Newton c) Einstein d)
One complete spin on Earth's axis is
a) rotation b) revolution c) standard time zone d)
A plave where a new day begins
a) International Date Line b) Standard Time Zone c) Axis d)
One complete orbit around the Sun by Earth
a) revolution b) rotation c) axis d)
The energy source for the water cycle
a) Sun b) Earth c) Moon d)
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