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Study of the universe
a) astronomy b) meteorology c) geology d)
A device that collects light
a) telescope b) magnifying glass c) microscope d)
A property of waves that bend waves as they go through a substance
a) refraction b) reflection c) imagery d)
A property of waves that bounce waves off a substance
a) reflection b) refraction c) imagery d)
These types of materials do not allow any light to pass through
a) opaque b) translucent c) transparent d)
These types of materials allow light to pass through, but the image is not clear
a) translucent b) opaque c) transparent d)
These types of materials allow light to pass through and the image is clear
a) transparent b) opaque c) translucent d)
The distance from one peak to the next on a wave is called
a) wavelength b) frequency c) hertz d)
The number of waves that pass through any point in a second is called the wave's
a) frequency b) wavelength c) spectrum d)
Waves in the order of their wavelengths is the
a) electromagnetic spectrum b) electric current c) electricity d)
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