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The Paleozoic Era had several _________, the worst killing 95% of all living things.
a) volcanoes b) earthquakes c) mass extinctions d) thunderstorms
Which of these is a living thing found in the Paleozoic?
a) Dinosaurs b) Bacteria c) Humans d) Trilobites
The Paleozoic is know as the Age of _____?
a) Mammals b) Invertebrates c) Reptiles d)
At the beginning of the Paleozoic, life was found only in or near _______?
a) Trees b) Flowers c) Oceans d) Land
The atmosphere during the Paleozoic contained ______ that could support life.
a) oxygen b) nitrogen c) carbon dioxide d) helium
During the Paleozoic the Earth was experiencing an
a) meteor attack b) uprising in Wal Mart stores c) Ice Age d) monsoon
Gondwanaland and Laurasia are ___________ found during the Paleozoic
a) super continents b) amphibians c) forms of bacteria d) the first humans
How many years did the Paleozoic Era last?
a) 4.6 Billion b) 325 million c) 65 millon d) 180 million
What happened to the Earth's interior during the Paleozoic?
a) Formed b) Hardened c) Exploded d) Cooled Down
What are the dates of the Paleozoic Era
a) 4.6 by-570 mya b) 570 mya - 250 mya c) 250 mya - 65 mya d) 65 mya - Present
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