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Matter is anything that teas up ________ and has mass.
a) space b) time c) light d) Energy
Matter that has definite volume but no definite shape because it takes on the shape of its container is called a ______________.
a) liquid b) solid c) gas d) plasma
The state of matter that has a definite shape and volume.
a) solid b) liquid c) gas d) plasma
Matter that does not have definite volume or shape.
a) gas b) solid c) liquid d) plasma
What happens to the particles in an object as thermal energy increases?
a) the particles move faster b) the particles move more slowly c) the mass of the particles increases d) the particles move at the same rate
Frost forming on a car from water vapor changing directly to a solid is an example of __________.
a) deposition b) freezing c) melting d) vaporization
Particles with less energy move _______ than particles with more energy.
a) slower and closer together b) faster and closer together c) faster and farther apart d) slower and farther apart
The melting point of a substance is ______ its freezing point.
a) the same as b) greater than c) less than d) not related to
The state of matter that is most common in stars, lightning, the northern lights, and even the neon lights is called _________.
a) plasma b) gas c) solid d) liquid
Hot is to cold; as condensation is to ____________.
a) vaporization b) melting c) freezing d) thermal energy
Based on the characteristics of matter, which of these would take the shape of the container it was placed in?
a) liquid b) solid c) gas d) plasma
Condensation happens when a gas changes into a liquid. Which of these is an example of condensation?
a) water vapor turning into rain b) water vapor turning into snow c) a pond melting in the spring d) a pond freezing in the winter
A piece of chocolate is left in a hot car. What process is taking place?
a) melting b) freezing c) condensation d) vaporization
Dry ice becoming gaseous CO2 is an example of?
a) sublimation b) freezing c) deposition d) melting
Which of the following is not a change from liquid to gas states?
a) condensation b) vaporization c) boiling d) evaporation
The higher the temperature of matter, the ______ the particles are moving.
a) faster b) slower c) closer d) less
The fish tank in our class looses water from the surface.
a) evaporation b) condensation c) sublimation d) freezing
An insect that glides across the water is able to do so because of ___________.
a) surface tension b) thermal energy c) condensation d) viscosity
Molases is an example of a substance with a high _________.
a) viscosity b) surface tension c) thermal energy d) melting point
A scientist placed 25ml of a substance quickly filled the container. Which phase of matter was the substance?
a) gas b) solid c) liquid d) plasma
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