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What is an avox?
a) A servant that's had their tongue cut out b) A muttation c) A fashionable type of haircut seen in the Capitol d) A person who deals in the Hob
Name the Capitol's police force
a) Peacekeepers b) SWAT team c) Militia d) Tracker jackers
Who kills Rue?
a) The boy from District 1 b) The boy from District 11 c) Peeta d) Glimmer
In the cave, Katniss tells Peeta a story about...
a) Buying Prim a goat b) Hunting with her Dad c) Receiving bread when she was starving d) A dream she had about Gale
Foxface dies by...
a) Stealing and eating poisonous berries b) Being speared by the Careers c) Being stung by tracker jackers d) Drowning in the lake
Why does Katniss begin to search for Peeta?
a) She learns there can be two victors b) She knows the Careers are hunting for him c) She wants to steal his supplies d) She wants revenge
After the Games, Peeta and Katniss continue their star-crossed lovers act. Why?
a) They're afraid President Snow will have their loved ones hurt b) They don't want to lose each other c) They want to make Gale jealous d) They want to win more sponsors
Which of these is NOT a muttation?
a) Avoxes b) Jabberjays c) Tracker jackers d) Mutts
What do Katniss and the Mockingjays have in common?
a) They both pretend to be something they're not b) They both live in the forest c) They both like climbing trees d) They both eat bugs
Why does Thresh spare Katniss' life?
a) He learns she allied with Rue b) He decides she's not worth the energy c) Because she saved him at the Cornucopia d) He wants to become allies
What does Katniss bring back from the feast?
a) Medicine b) Food c) A bow and arrows d) A backpack
Cato's death is caused by what?
a) An arrow b) Mutts c) Tracker jackers d) A spear
In a monomyth, what term is used to describe someone who comes to the hero's aid?
a) Assistance b) Support c) Treasure d) Approach
What is a muttation?
a) A genetically modified animal used as a weapon b) A genetically modified animal crossed with a natural animal c) A cross between a wolf and a dog d) A failed invention of the Capitol
What do Katniss and mockingjays have in common?
a) They are both symbols of rebellion b) They are both hard to find c) They are both symbols of District 12 d) They both build nests
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