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The apparent loss of weight of an object in a fluid is called:
a) buoyant b) Pascal c) lift d) pressure
The downward force produced when air flows over the winglike spoiler on a race car is an example of:
a) Rutherford's Principle b) Pascal's Principle c) Bernoulli's Principle d) Dalton's Principle
In a hydraulic lift system, the fluid pressure exerted throughout the system is:
a) ever changing b) upward c) negative d) constant
As the speed of a fluid increases, the pressure within the fluid:
a) decreases b) increases c) pressurizes greatly d) disappears
A hydraulic jack is an application of this principle:
a) Bernoulli's b) Rutherford's c) Pascal's d) Dalton's
A device that uses pressurized fluids acting on pistons of different sizes to change a force is called:
a) piston system b) pressure gauge c) hydraulic system d) piston engine
As altitude increases, air pressure:
a) increases b) decreases c) remains the same d) disappears
The pressure exerted by a fluid at any given depth is exerted:
a) downward b) differently c) upward d) equally
As a liquid is added to a beaker, the pressured exerted by the liquid on the bottom of the beaker:
a) increases b) decreases c) remains the same d) disappears
A substance that flows and assumes the shape of its container is a:
a) solid b) element c) compound d) fluid
A pascal is equal to 1 Newton per:
a) square meter b) meter c) cubed meter d) area
The formula Force/Area is used to calculate:
a) Newtons b) Buoyancy c) Pressure d) Density
The SI unit of pressure is the:
a) Newton b) Bernoulli c) Pascal d) Kg
Pressure is the result of force distributed over a(an):
a) Volume b) Area c) Distance d) Pascal
The formula Mass/Volume is used to express:
a) pressure b) density c) mechanical advantage d) buoyancy
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