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Tthe part of the story that follows the climax
a) falling action b) rising action c) exposition d)
The time and place the story takes palce
a) narrator b) setting c) theme d)
The truning point of a story
a) climax b) setting c) action d)
the writers clues or hints about what is about to happen in the story
a) personification b) foreshadowing c) emapthy d)
The introduction to the story/novel
a) climax b) denoument c) exposition d)
The person who is telling the story (1st person)
a) protagonist b) narrator c) 3rd person d)
The person or thing who is fighting or has conflict with the main character
a) antagonist b) protagonist c) narrator d)
A person or thing who is the main character or hero of the story
a) Antagonist b) protagonist c) narrator d)
In a story where an author refers to another piece of literature
a) allusion b) alliteration c) empathy d)
putting youself in someone elses palce (feeling what they may feel)
a) character b) empathy c) alliteration d)
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