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What is the class of birds?
a) Chelonia b) Squamata c) Aves d) Crocodilia
What is the order of snakes and lizards
a) Aves b) Squamata c) Crocodilia d) Chelonia
Marine reptiles are found primarily in
a) cold regions b) tropical habitats c) temperate regions d) volcanic areas
The osprey uses its sharp talons to
a) grab and hold onto fish b) dig holes to find fiddler crabs c) scrape barnacles off wood pilings d) crack shells open
The sandpiper's beak, used to find tiny creatures in the sand, is
a) long and curved b) broad and flat c) short and dull d) narrow and pointed
The bird that has webbed feet for moving in the water is the
a) osprey b) egret c) oystercatcher d) sea duck
Penguins have all of the following adaptations except
a) soft down feathers b) a thick layer of insulating fat c) flipperlike wings d) contour feathers for flight
An adaptive feature that shorebirds have for food-getting is
a) a pointed bill for grabbing small fish b) sharp talons for holding onto prey c) webbed feet for moving through water d) a streamlined body for diving
The female sea turtle lays eggs that have a
a) leathery egg b) hard calcium shell c) jellylike coating d) spiny shell
Marine reptiles may have any of the following features except
a) a thick, scaly skin b) salt glands c) blubber d) an amniotic egg
Sea turtles leave the water and come up on land to
a) find food b) lay eggs c) find a mate d) cool off
Marine turtles have all of the following adaptations except
a) a smooth, streamlined body b) flippers for forelimbs c) the ability to stay underwater for a long time d) gills
The marine reptile that guards its eggs in the nest until they hatch is the
a) sea snake b) green sea turtle c) crocodile d) iguana
The most widely distributed marine reptile is the ___________.
a) sea turtle b) sea snake c) crocodile d) marine iguana
The pattern of reproduction for sea turtles is
a) internal fertilization and external development b) internal fertilization and internal development c) external fertilization and external development d) external fertilization and internal development
Seabirds spread an oil through their feathers when they _______________.
a) amniotic egg b) powder feathers c) down feathers d) preen
A lizard that swims and feeds in the ocean is the _______________.
a) sea turtle b) sea snake c) crocodile d) marine iguana
The ___________ has venom, a paddle like tail, and salt glands
a) sea turtle b) sea snake c) crocodile d) marine iguana
Birds can regulate their body temperature; they are _____________.
a) ectothermic b) endothermic c) d)
What is the order of sea turtles?
a) Chelonia b) Aves c) Squamata d) Crocodilia
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