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What two processes do cells use to divide?
a) Meosis and Mitosis b) Divide and Conquer c) Break Time and The Splits d)
What part is at the center of a cell?
a) Nucleus b) Midochondria c) flangees d)
What does DNA stand for?
a) DNA b) DNA c) DNA d) Do Not Answer
What day is it?
a) Tuesday b) Wednesday c) Thursday d) Friday
Which is your favorite color?
a) Blue b) Red c) Yellow d) Green
What year is it?
a) 2011 b) 2012 c) 2013 d) 2015
Which month is it?
a) JAnuary b) February c) March d) April
In which month is Christmas
a) January b) June c) July d) December
What is your favorite subject?
a) Math b) Art c) Science d) Music
Do you have your driver's license?
a) Yes b) No c) d)
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