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When a poem's lines end with words that sound the same
a) rhythm b) poem c) rhyme d) alliteration
When rhyme occurs in the same line
a) External rhyme b) Internal rhyme c) End rhyme d) Beginning rhyme
Compares two things using like or as
a) metaphor b) alliteration c) simile d) personification
Descrives something non-human with human qualities
a) alliteration b) Poem c) assonance d) personification
An exaggerated statement
a) hyperbole b) alliteration c) personification d) metaphor
Compares two different things using the word is
a) simile b) rhyme c) metaphor d) alliteration
Repeats the beginning consonant sounds in words
a) assonance b) rhyme c) hyperbole d) alliteration
the repetition of two or more of the same vowel sounds in a line
a) assonance b) alliteration c) onomatopoeia d) allusion
A word that sounds liket he noise it describes.
a) allusion b) onomatopoeia c) rhyme d) alliteration
A reference that is made indirectly, subtly suggested, or implied to somebody or something using only a word or two.
a) Allusion b) Alliteration c) Assonance d) Rhyme
A poem developed by the litters of a word or name, which are used to begin the first word in each line of the poem.
a) Lyric b) Limerick c) Acrostic d) Ballad
Any poem that tells a story
a) Narrative b) Acrostic c) Elegy d) Sonnet
Paints a picture with words using literary devices. It often has a musical quality and expresses personal emotions or thoughts.
a) Acrostic b) Ballad c) Narrative d) Lyric
A combination of lyric and narratie poems usually put to music
a) Narrative b) Ballad c) Lyric d) Elegy
A poem about death or dying
a) Ballad b) Narrative c) Elegy d) Lyric
A 14-line poem with a specific rhyme scheme
a) Sonnet b) Ballad c) Lyric d) Narrative
A five line poem with a definite rhyme scheme and rhythm. Lines 1, 2, and 5 rhyme. Lines 3, 4 rhyme.
a) Limerick b) Elegy c) Sonnet d) Ballad
A poem that does not follow a specific rhythm or rhyme scheme
a) Free verse b) Sonnet c) Elegy d) Acrostic
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