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Which of the following is the correct method for thawing foods?
a) microwave b) oven c) sitting in the sink d) leaving out on the counter
What is the safety technique called when cutting items with a knife?
a) cat claw b) curved cutting c) bear claw d) pearing
Do not participate in food labs if you are....
a) sick b) tardy c) not properly dressed d) absent
These foods should always be kept separate.
a) hot and cold b) sugary and starchy c) raw and cooked d)
When in doubt...
a) put it back in the freezer b) throw it out c) cook it out d) smell it out
Hands should be washed with what kind of water?
a) Cold b) Warm c) Hot as you can stand it d) None of the above
The hot water in the kitchen is which of the following?
a) Much cooler than most kitchens b) Salty c) Much hotter than most kitchens d) Slightly bubbly
Which type of shoes would be most appropriate for the kitchen?
a) Dress shoes b) Flip-flops c) Sneakers d) High heels
Which utensil checks the internal heat of foods?
a) Meat monitor b) Meat thermometer c) Temperature dial d) Kitchen timer
Wash your hands for a minimum of how many seconds?
a) 10 b) 20 c) 30 d) 60
Putting a cover on a pan with a grease fire will do which of the following to the fire?
a) Cause it to rise b) Smother the flame c) Give you time to call 911 d) None of the above
A grease fire should be put out with which of the following?
a) Baking soda b) Water c) Paper towels d) Pepper
When cooking, which type of clothes can cause burns or fires?
a) Embellished b) Wool c) Cotton d) Loose
Electricity and which of the following are a dangerous pair?
a) Paper b) Wood c) Power d) Water
When you disconnect the appliance, you should hold which of the following?
a) Cord b) Appliance c) Plug d) Power source
Broken glass should be cleaned up with which of the following?
a) Towel b) Hands c) Broom d) Paper
When using a kitchen knife, you should always do which of the following?
a) Cut away from your body b) Cut towards your body c) Cut with your fingertips laid flat d) Use dull knives so you do not cut yourself
Which food borne illness can present itself in improperly canned food items?
a) E-coli b) Botulism c) Listeria d) Salmonella
Which food borne illness can come from soft cheeses such a brie and feta?
a) Hepatitis-A b) Campylobacter c) Salmonella d) Listeria
Which food borne illness has the quickest onset of symptoms?
a) E-coli b) Staphylococcus c) Hepatitis-A d) Salmonella
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