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What role do producers play in the carbon cycle?
a) They use CO2 for photosynthesis b) They use O2 for photosynthesis c) They release CO2 for photosynthesis d) They release CO2 during transpiration.
Which of the following are often involved in a biogeochemical cycle?
a) Environment b) Living organisms c) Molecules d) All of the above
The burning of fossil fuels releases which of the following gases into the atmosphere?
a) Oxygen b) Nitrogen c) Carbon dioxide d) Methane
Which element is the main component of all life?
a) Oxygen b) Carbon c) Nitrogen d) Sulfur
During which step of the water cycle is water changed from a vapor state to a liquid state?
a) Condensation b) precipitation c) evaporation d) transpiration
How do trees affect the water cycle if they are removed?
a) More carbon dioxide is released b) Transpiration declines c) More nitrogen fixation occurs d) More photosynthesis
Carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere through each of the following processes except one. Which one?
a) burning fossil fuels b) volcanic eruptions c) photosynthesis d) respiration
Water can enter the atmosphere which two ways?
a) Evaporation and transpiration b) Evaporation and condensation c) Transpiration and condensation d) Transpiration and sublimination
Which of the following is needed for the nitrogen cycle?
a) Movement of the earth's plates b) Decomposers c) Transpiration d) Condensation
Where is the largest reservoir of carbon on earth located?
a) Atmosphere b) Earth's crust c) Oceans d) Volcanoes
Marine organisms such as coral and shellfish have carbon in their bodies in which of the following forms?
a) Carbon monoxide b) Carbon dioxide c) Pure Carbon d) Calcium Carbonate
Carbon in the bodies of marine organisms often is changed into which of the following forms?
a) sedimentary rock like limestone b) igneous rock such as granite c) metamorphic rock such as slate d) sedimentary rock such as sandstone
Which of the following is the source of energy for the water cycle?
a) Wind b) Volcanoes c) Sun d) Gravity
In what form is most carbon released into the atmosphere?
a) Methane b) Carbon dioxide c) Carbon monoxide d) C2
The carbon cycle works in conjunction with which of the following?
a) Water cycle b) Nitrogen cycle c) Oxygen cycle d) All biogeochemical cycles
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