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What year was Lenin exiled
a) 1894 b) 1895 c) 1903 d) 1905
Czar Nicholas II tires to step down
a) February 1917 b) March 1917 c) July 1917 d) October 1917
The British rule in India was called the
a) British rule b) Raj c) Her Majesty d) Bolshevik
What is propaganda?
a) to influence public opinion for or against a cause b) making posters c) selling puppies d) not this one
The March Revolution in Russia began in the city of
a) Moscow b) Leningrad c) Stalingrad d) Petrograd
Which would become Britain's most important and influential colony
a) India b) Philippines c) Africa d) America
What was completed to connect the Mediterranean to the Red Sea
a) Panama canal b) Suez canal c) Mediterranean canal d) Red Sea canal
A positive effect of European rule was improved medicine, education, and
a) advanced weaponry b) training and mobilizing the native military c) advanced forms of transportation and communication d) expanding trade routes for the natives to sell their own merchandise
During the early stages of imperialism in Africa, many Europeans died of disease, which of the following were not diseases during this time
a) Ebola b) Yellow Fever c) Malaria d) Cholera
All of the following were reasons for New Imperialism except
a) steamships b) swords c) medicine d) rifles
What is imperialism?
a) controlling another country's religion b) a government that sells their goods to an enemy country c) buying goods from an ally d) political and economic control of one country by another
An oligarchy is a
a) country that claims to be a republic, but is actually ruled by a zaibatsu b) system in which society owns the means of production c) government in which a select few exercise control d) government that glorifies the state above the individual
Under the leadership of ____, the Bolsheviks became a party dedicated to violent revolution.
a) Alexander Kerensky b) Grigori Rasputin c) V. I. Lenin d) Alexandra Romanov
The Red secret police, known as the Cheka, began
a) infiltrating the governments of Russia's enemies as spies b) to plot against Lenin almost immediately after he came to power c) to restore order to Russia after years of civil war d) a Red Terror campaign to destroy all those who opposed the new regime
Lenin dies
a) 1922 b) 1923 c) 1924 d) 1925
World War I begins
a) 1910 b) 1911 c) 1920 d) 1914
The Russian Social-Democrat Labor Party meets
a) 1903 b) 1904 c) 1905 d) 1906
Another revolution begins
a) February 1917 b) March 1917 c) July 1917 d) October 1917
The USSR is established
a) 1918 b) 1920 c) 1922 d) 1924
Rasputin is killed
a) 1914 b) 1915 c) 1916 d) 1917
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