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The Wilmot Proviso was favored by
a) the North b) the South c) the North and the South d) California alone
The formal withdrawal of a state from the Union is known as
a) confederacy b) compromise c) secession d) popular sovereignty
The Compromise of 1850 was supported by
a) Clay and Calhoun b) Clay and Webster c) Calhoun and Webster but not Clay d) Clay, Calhoun, and Webster
One of the most active conductors on the Underground Railroad was
a) Harriet Beecher Stowe b) Harriet Tubman c) Horace Greeley d) Abraham Lincoln
Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written by
a) Horace Greeley b) John Brown c) Harriet Beecher Stowe d) Charlotte Forten
Members of the Know-Nothing Party were known for all of the following except their
a) use of passwords b) use of secret handshakes c) support of the rights of immigrants d) belief in nativism
One of the founders of the Republican Party was
a) Franklin Pierce b) Horace Greeley c) James Buchanan d) Millard Fillmore
The topic of the Lincoln-Douglas debates was
a) the Missouri Compromise b) secession c) the Wilmot Proviso d) slavery in the territories
The Dred Scott decision did all of the following except
a) please Southerners b) rule that slaves did not have rights c) declare the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional d) guarantee that slavery would not be allowed in future states
The Confederacy included all of the following states except
a) Maryland b) Texas c) Alabama d) South Carolina
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