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German-Japanese-Italian Alliance
a) Axis b) Central c) Northern d) Southern
to give in to someone's demands
a) annexment b) annullment c) appeasement d) assailment
to take over a piece of land
a) annex b) annul c) assail d) appease
The _____ Conference of 1938 gave Hitler the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakis
a) Berlin b) Bohemian c) Bavarian d) Munich
Lightning War
a) Sprechen Sie Duetsch b) Kristallnacht c) Blitzkrieg d) Gutten Tag
German Air Force
a) Luftwaffe b) Royal Air Force c) Lufthansa d) Luft Balloons
Law in Congress which allowed FDR to give weapons to the Allies
a) Lease-Lend Act b) Lend-Lease Act c) New Deal d) None of the Above
U.S. Navy Base bombed by the Japanese
a) Pearl Harbor b) Emerald Harbor c) Jade Harbor d) Onyx Harbor
U.S. military strategy against Japan in the Pacific was known as Island _______.
a) Jumping b) Hopping c) Skipping d) Swimming
First attack of Japan by the U.S. during WWII.
a) Gulf of Tonkin b) Bay of Pigs c) Guadalcanal d) The Philippines
A.K.A. D-Day, when France was freed from Nazi control
a) Normandy Invasion b) Parisian Invasion c) Invasion of Versailles d) Storming of the Bastille
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