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Inequality; difference
a) Rancor b) Extol c) Disparity d) Ostensible
Professed but not necessarily true.
a) Disparity b) Extol c) Cliche d) Ostensible
A creative work; especially a numbered composition.
a) Ostensible b) Disparity c) Adamant d) Opus
Lacking in self-confidence; shy.
a) Opus b) Diffident c) Disparity d) Rancor
Unyielding; firm in opinion.
a) Inexorable b) Rancor c) Disparity d) Adamant
To praise highly.
a) Disparity b) Clement c) Extol d) Rancor
A worn-out idea or overused expression.
a) Cliche b) Ostensible c) Opus d) Extol
Merciful; lenient
a) Adamant b) Clement c) Cliche d) Opus
Unrelenting; unavoidable
a) Adamant b) Diffident c) Opus d) Inexorable
Extreme hatred or ill will.
a) Extol b) Clement c) Rancor d) Cliche
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