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Who makes the decisions in an autocratic government?
a) The people b) A small group c) The ruler d) The legislature
Who chooses the president in a presidential democracy?
a) The people b) The legislature c) The Communist Party d) A small group
In this country people cannot pick their jobs, education, or leaders not chosen by the government.
a) China b) Japan c) India d) South Korea
This nation has a monarch whose duties are mostly ceremonial.
a) China b) Japan c) India d) South Korea
In which government system are the people given the power to choose leaders and laws?
a) Autocracy b) Oligarchy c) Theocracy d) Democracy
How is a democratic government different from an oligarchic government?
a) Role of the regional governments b) Judicial System c) Distribution of power d) Role of the citizen (how much power do the people have)
In a parliamentary government, which branch of government does the head of government belong?
a) Executive b) Legislative c) Judicial d) Presidential
China is ruled by the Communist Party (one political party), which would make it a…..
a) Democracy b) Oligarchy c) Autocracy d) Theocracy
In which government system does a small group make all the decisions?
a) Autocarcy b) Oligarchy c) Presidential Democracy d) Parliamentary Democracy
This country became a constitutional monarchy after WWII
a) China b) Japan c) India d) South Korea
The first leader of the People's Republic of China was _______
a) Emperor Hirohito b) Mao Zedong c) Ho Chi Minh d) Mohandas Gandhi
The Parliament in Japan is the __________
a) Communist Party b) Suffrage c) Secular d) Diet
A government that favors NO particular religion
a) Suffrage b) Secular c) Communist Party d) Presidential Democracy
A country ruled by one person would be called….
a) Democracy b) Oligarchy c) Autocracy d) Theocracy
Which nation in South East Asia gives the LEAST freedom and rights to individuals?
a) China b) Japan c) India d) South Korea
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