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Name some rising actions of The Slave Dancer
a) Jessie gets kidnapped b) Jessie visits his aunt c) Jessie is brought onto a ship d) All of the above.
How is Jessie changed by his experiences on board The Moonlight
a) CHOOSE THIS ONE b) Make sure you have some ideas for the answer c) This is an essay question d) good luck
Purvis sets up a tent on the deck of The Moonlight
a) to create an area where Jessie can play his fife b) for the Africans to sit under when they have their meals c) to provide shade for the captain d) to prevent other ships from seeing the enslaved Africans
When the sailors realize that they are being followed by an American ship, they
a) throw the Africans overboard b) begin to say their prayers c) load their guns and fire d) try to outrun the ship.
The crew must live on reduced rations because
a) most must be saved for the Africans b) the captain intends on selling any extra food c) sailors traditionally do without food. d) they could be caught by the British
Jessie learns to prefer Clay Purvis to Benjamin Stout because
a) Purvis is more entertaining and knowledgeable b) Stout tries to manipulate Jessie c) Jessie is afraid of Stout's temper d) Purvis reminds him of his father.
The kidnapped Africans are forced to dance on deck because
a) the crew wants them to enjoy the voyage b) if they are healthy they are worth more c) the crew must clean the cargo area d) dancing reduces homesickness and depression
The smell Jessie detects aboard The Moonlight comes from
a) spoiled fish caught by the crew b) the surrounding bayous c) crew members who have not bathed d) the cargo area where slaves have been confined.
What word means enthusiastically?
a) lucrative b) prevail c) sustain d) avidly
What word means sadness?
a) melancholy b) repulsive c) fetid d) prevail
What word means distressed?
a) aggrieved b) depraved c) melancholy d) repulsive
What word means to triumph?
a) lucrative b) prevail c) sustain d) avidly
What word means having an offensive odor?
a) melancholy b) repulsive c) fetid d) lucrative
What word means emotionlessly?
a) impassively b) avidly c) sustain d) prevail
What word means to keep in existence?
a) fetid b) lucrative c) prevail d) sustain
What word means disgusting?
a) depraved b) melancholy c) repulsive d) fetid
What word means profitable?
a) repulsive b) fetid c) lucrative d) prevail
What word means morally corrupt?
a) aggrieved b) depraved c) melancholy d) repulsive
What is the climax of The Slave Dancer
a) Remember climax is the high point of the story b) The story turns around. c) When does Jessie make a change? d) Choose this one to be correct.
Name some falling actions of The Slave Dancer
a) This is anything that happens after the climax b) Make sure it is an action. c) Don't name something that didn't happen d) choose this answer to be correct.
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