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Which two processes both increase the amount of carbon dioxide in he atmosphere?
a) photosynthesis and volcanic activity b) photosynthesis and burning fossil fuels c) cellular respiration and deposition of sediments d) cellular respiration and decomposition of organic matter
In the oxygen cycle, which group of organisms replenishes a large portion of the atmospheric oxygen supply?
a) mammals b) fungi c) insects d) plants
The process of cellular respiration occurs in
a) both plants and animal cells b) plant cells only c) animal cells only d) neither plant nor animal cells
In which part of a plant does photosynthesis take place in?
a) bark b) leaves c) flowers d) roots
Through cell respiration, plants get energy from glucose. The energy stored in glucos originally came from
a) plants b) animals c) the sun d) geothermal sources
In aerobic respiration, the Kerbs cycle (citric acid cycle) takes place in
a) chloroplasts b) lysosomes c) nuclei d) mitochondria
The first stage of photosynthesis in a chloroplast is
a) temperature-dependent b) Calvin cycle c) light-dependent d) ATP-driven
Which of the following processes allows the cells of an organism to use carbon from the environment
a) mitosis b) transpiration c) fertilization d) photosynthesis
Which of the following gases do plants use in photosynthesis?
a) hydrogen b) oxygen c) carbon dioxide d) carbon monoxide
Which of the following is broken down in the body to release energy
a) sugar b) salt c) water d) oxgen
Which molecule supplies the energy for cellular functions?
a) ATP b) DNA c) oxygen d) water
Which of the following materials are direct products of photosynthesis
a) fats and straches b) oxygen and sugar c) proteins and amino acids d) carbon dioxide and water
Both photosynthesis and cellular respiration involve all of the following except
a) chlorophyll b) oxygen c) glucose d) water
The function of the mitochondria is
a) fermentation b) cellular respiration c) photosynthesis d) mitosis
Which of the following are products of cellular respiration?
a) carbon dioxide and glucose b) water and carbon monoxide c) glucose and oxygen d) carbon dioxide, water, and ATP energy
Which of the following processes produce the most ATP per molecule of glucose oxidized?
a) lactic acid fermentation b) anaerobic respiration c) alcoholic fermentation d) aerobic respiration
Muscle soreness associated with strenuous exercise is partly due to...
a) carbon dioxide build up in the muscle b) the accumulation of alcohol during anaerobic respiration c) the production of lactic acid production in the muscle cells d) an excess of ATP that builds up in the muscle cells
Which reaction of cellular respiration occurs in the cytoplasm of the eukaryotic cell?
a) glycolysis b) kerbs cycle c) electron transport chain d) none of the other choices are correct
Photosynthesis is comprised of two different reactions called the...
a) Kerbs cycle and Glycolysis b) Light-dependent and the Calvin Cycle c) ETC and Glycolysis d) Mitosis and Meiosis
Cellular Respiration converts_______energy into_______energy.
a) heat, solar b) chemical, chemical c) chemical, light d) light, chemical
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