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Which is true of Earth's geologic past?
a) The changes that occur today also occurred in the past. b) There was more oxygen in the atmosphere in the past. c) There was a greater variety of life in the past. d) there were no volcanoes or earthquakes in the past.
Which are evidence of Earth's magnetic field?
a) aurora lights, compass b) aurora lights, thunderstorms c) compass, thunderstorms d) compass, thermometer
Why are there seasons on earth?
a) The tilt of the Earth's axis remains fixed as it revolves around the sun. b) There are more clouds in the winter than the summer. c) The tilt of Earth's axis remains fixed as it revolves around the sun. d) The Earth's orbit around the sun is elliptical, causing its distance form the sun to change.
As you go UP a food chain, available energy...
a) decreases b) increases c) stays the same d)
What is a group of cells that perform a specific function?
a) organ b) organ system c) tissue d) organism
Which are examples of abiotic factors in an ecosystem?
a) plants, rocks, water b) plants, air, water c) sun, oxygen, water d) sun, trees, water
Which describes the transfer of heat energy?
a) hot to cold b) cold to hot c) back and forth d) there is no transfer
A student drops a tennis ball. The ball bounces several times before coming to a stop. What happens to the total amount of energy in the system.
a) total amount of energy remains the same b) total amount of energy constantly changes c) total amount of energy increases d) total amount of energy decreases
What will happen to a moving object if an unbalanced force is applied to the object in the same direction the object is moving?
a) The object will speed up. b) The object will slow down. c) The object will change direction. d) The object will not be affected by the unbalanced force.
Which type of matter consists of two or more kinds of atoms or molecules chemically bonded together?
a) compound b) mixture c) element d) pure substance
Describe the transfer of energy that takes place when a cell phone is plugged into a wall outlet to recharge the battery.
a) electrical chemical b) electrical to sound c) electrical to heat d) electrical to light
Which tool would a scientist use to measure the volume of a liquid?
a) balance b) graduated cylinder c) meter stick d) scale
Which piece of equipment is used to determine the mass of an object?
a) balance b) graduated cylinder c) barometer d) thermometer
Which process of the water cycle causes cloud formation?
a) evaporation b) condensation c) transpiration d) precipitation
What provides energy for the water cycle?
a) the sun b) air currents c) Earth's core d) ocean currents
Which factor determines phase change (solids, liquids, gases)?
a) length b) mass c) weight d) temperature
What is the most abundant gas in Earth's atmosphere (78%)?
a) helium b) hydrogen c) nitrogen d) oxygen
Which layer of the atmosphere has the most mass, exhibits the most movement of air, and is nearest Earth's surface?
a) exosphere b) mesosphere c) stratosphere d) troposphere
what is your science teachers first name?
a) david b) bob c) bill d) frank
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