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Where was the final battle of the American Revolution?
a) Yorktown b) Cowpens c) Kings Mountain d) All
Who is a person that betrays his her own country?
a) Loyalist b) Patriot c) Mercenary d) Traitor
Where was the fighting most harsh during the American Revolution?
a) North b) South c) West d) England
Which of the following is true about the Declaration of Independence?
a) It had four parts including the preamble, natural rights, list of grievances and dissolving bonds b) It made sure that all people were treated equally c) It had little impact on the rest of the world d) All
What was an accusation the Americans made towards the king of England?
a) He gave them too much representation b) He held trials without a jury c) He was not the rightful successor to the throne d) He should not have signed the Olive Branch Petition
Which of the following is true about Common Sense?
a) It was written by Thomas Paine b) Over 300,000 copies were made c) It stimulated broad support for the idea of independence d) All
Where did most colonial opinion stand as of 1776?
a) The Middle b) Patriot c) Loyalist d) Mercenary
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
a) Richard Henry Lee b) John Adams c) Ben Franklin d) Thomas Jefferson
Which of the following is true about sea battles during the American Revolution?
a) There were many sea battles b) Americans did not bother with the British navy c) John Paul Jones won a key sea battle in the North Sea d) The Americans dominated the seas
Who was an African American that contributed to the American war effort?
a) Frederick Douglass b) Peter Salem c) Marshall Cole d) Nathaniel Hale
How did life change for a women during the American Revolution?
a) Many had to run businesses b) All c) Many had to take care of farms d) Many followed soldiers and some even participated in battle
What was the sight of a difficult winter for the Americans but also a sight for training and preparation for the remainder of the war?
a) Trenton b) Valley Forge c) Saratoga d) Bunker Hill
Who agreed to an alliance with the United States following the Battle of Saratoga?
a) Germany b) Italy c) France d) Greece
Which battle can be seen as a turning point in the war for the Americans?
a) Fort Ticonderoga b) Saratoga c) Long Island d) National Park
Where did George Washington lead a surprise attack on Christmas night?
a) Trenton b) Princeton c) Momouth d) Yorktown
What pamphlet, written by Thomas Paine, encouraged the Americans to keep fighting despite tough times?
a) Common Sense b) The Treaty of Paris c) The Gettysburg Address d) The Crisis
Who was the leader of the Continental Army that struggled in the early years of the war?
a) Benedict Arnold b) George Washington c) John Adams d) Thomas Jefferson
Where was the treaty for ending the war signed?
a) London b) Philadelphia c) Boston d) Paris
Which of the following is true about the Treaty of Paris?
a) It recognized American as independent b) It gave the Americans most of what they wanted c) It was signed at the palace of Versailles d) All
Who issued the resolution for independence in the congress?
a) Thomas Jefferson b) Richard Henry Lee c) Ben Franklin d) John Adams
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