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The main part of a computer system, it houses the microprocessor, the random-access memory (RAM), and usually an internal disk drive.
a) Modem b) Monitor c) Central Processing Unit d) Disk Drive
A device used to store data and programs.
a) Diskette b) Mouse c) Disk Drive d) Keyboard
An electronic device that allows a person to point to and select items on a monitor.
a) Printer b) Surge Protector c) Keyboard d) Mouse
A device that reads and writes to disks.
a) Cenetral Processing Unit b) Disk Drive c) Diskette d) Printer
A device that connects a computer to an electrical outlet. The device protects the computer against sudden increases in electrical power.
a) Mouse b) Surge Protector c) Disk Drive d) Monitor
A device that allows data to be sent from computer to computer over a telephone line.
a) Printer b) Mouse c) Disk Drive d) Modem
A set of raised keys. It allows a person to enter information into a computer.
a) Keyboard b) Monitor c) Mouse d) Modem
A screen that displays a computers output.
a) Keyboard b) Modem c) Monitor d) Diskette
A device that prints data onto paper.
a) Diskette b) Monitor c) Central Processing Unit d) Printer
The part of a resume that includes essential personal information such as your name, address and phone number.
a) Heading b) Relevant Courses c) Experience d) Activities
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