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I go ..... the cinema by bus.
a) in b) after c) on d) to
He is tired .... working at night.
a) in b) to c) of d) on
My money is ..... my left pocket.
a) of b) to c) about d) in
Those students are ... the classroom.
a) about b) in c) on d) to
Do you like to eat .. that restaurant?
a) on b) before c) in d) to
Please, go ... the office.
a) on b) before c) to d) since
That guy takes his books ... the shelf.
a) in b) from c) on d) before
The file is .... the desk.
a) after b) in c) under d) before
Mr. Alvarado puts the books ... the drawer.
a) since b) after c) to d) in
You can see my drawing ...... his picture.
a) on b) with c) after d) below
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