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Define arid
a) hard-working b) settle, difference c) extremely dry d) provisional, contingent
Define assiduous
a) hard-working b) sanctuary c) sympathy, mercy d) patronizing
Define asylum
a) settle differences b) trust among friends c) work together d) sanctuary
Define benevolent
a) hard-working b) friendly, helpful c) extremely dry d) patronizing
Define camaraderie
a) trust among friends b) work together c) sympathy, mercy d) sanctuary
Define collaborate
a) sanctuary b) friendly, helpful c) sympathy, mercy d) work together
Define compassion
a) sympathy, mercy b) settle differences c) friendly, helpful d) hard-working
Define compromise
a) provisional, contingent b) compound differences c) settle differences d) friendly, helpful
Define condescending
a) patronizing b) settle difference c) sympathy, mercy d) friendly, helpful
Define conditional
a) sanctuary b) provisional, contingent c) work together d) extremely dry
Define loquacious
a) talkative; chattering; babbling; garrulous: b) patronizing c) loud obnoxious noise d) overcome with grief
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