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The process of water filling the porous spaces in the lithosphere.
a) precipitation b) surface runoff c) sublimation d) infiltration
Water that trickles through the soil and collects in pockets called aquifers.
a) infiltration b) groundwater c) evaporation d) surface runoff
This is also called thermal energy. This is heat from the sun that causes evaporation to happen.
a) radiant heat b) divide c) infiltration d) condensation
When liquid water absorbs heat from the sun and turns into water vapor.
a) condensation b) evaporation c) precipitation d) transpiration
The changing of a gas back into a liquid which causes cloud formation.
a) evaporation b) precipitation c) surface runoff d) condensation
Rain, snow, sleet and hail
a) evaporation b) transpiration c) precipitation d) condensation
This occurs when water flows over the land and doesn't absorb into the ground
a) infiltration b) surface runoff c) groundwater d) aquifer
This is the changing of water from a solid directly to a gas with no liquid stage in between.
a) sublimation b) transpiration c) condensation d) evaporation
This is also called a drainage basin. This is where rain or snow drains downhill into a particular body of water.
a) divide b) water conservation c) mountain range d) watershed
The high ground that separates two drainage basins.
a) water shed b) sublimation c) divide d) algae bloom
Any substance that can harm the environment.
a) pollutant b) divide c) water conservation d) radiant heat
Pollution that can be traced back to its origin. Examples would be waste water from factories or sewage treatment facilities.
a) nitrate pollutants b) pollutant c) non point source pollution d) point source pollution
Pollution that cannot be traced back to its origin. Examples would be when rain water carries substances like lawn fertilizers, lawn chemicals, motor oil and animal waste into storm sewers or rivers.
a) point source pollution b) non point source pollution c) nitrate pollutants d) algae bloom
These pollutants come from the use of organic fertilizers like manure in farming.
a) nitrate pollutants b) point source pollution c) non point source pollution d) algae bloom
The rapid spread of algae in a water environment. This happens when too many nutrients enter the water.
a) nitrate pollutants b) algae bloom c) water conservation d) sublimation
Reducing your usage of water and finding ways to reuse your water.
a) point source pollution b) aquifers c) water pollution d) water conservation
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