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to chop someone's head off
a) escapable b) behead c) facets d) heiresses
can get away from
a) escapable b) behead c) facets d) heiresses
females who inherits money
a) escapable b) facets c) heiresses d) behead
parts or fronts of a diamond
a) escapable b) behead c) heiresses d) facets
stealing someone's work to claim as your own
a) behead b) facets c) heiresses d) plariarism
poison made by an insect to kill or harm
a) predators b) confirmed c) venom d) potentially
proved something was correct or true
a) potentially b) predators c) venom d) confirmed
a) phlegm b) potentially c) predators d) plagiarism
animals that live by killing and eating other animals.
a) predators b) venom c) potentially d) facets
Where the Hope Diamond is now.
a) Harvard University b) The Getty Museum c) Smithsonian Museum d) Norton Simon Museum
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