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To understand
a) comprehend b) eradicate c) ubiquitous d) marginal
Existing or being everywhere; wide spread
a) ubiquitous b) eradicate c) marginal d) indispensable
To remove, eliminate, or destroy
a) clarify b) marginal c) eradicate d) serenity
a) comprehend b) clarify c) marginal d) serenity
To make clear
a) eradicate b) clarify c) indispensable d) ubiquitous
Absolutely essential, necessary
a) eradicate b) marginal c) indispensable d) clarify
Not very important; very slight or small
a) marginal b) ubiquitous c) eradicate d) indispensable
If something is confusing to me, I always ask my teacher to ___________________, so I can be sure I understand it correctly.
a) eradicate b) clarify c) comprehend d) indispensable
Sally received an F on her assignment because she only gave a ______________________ effort.
a) marginal b) eradicate c) serenity d) ubiquitous
When it comes to school, there are some things you just can’t live without. For example, having a pencil, some paper, and any homework assignments with you is ________________________.
a) serenity b) clarify c) marginal d) indispensable
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