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Unit of measure for electrons moving in a circuit
a) Voltage b) Ohms c) Amperes d) Coloumbs
Unit of measure for EMF and Electron Pressure
a) Amps b) Voltage c) Ohm d) Coloumb
A cell and a battery are examples of this type of current.
a) Alternating Current b) Direct Current c) Oscillating Current d) Chemical Current
Current can flow in two more electron paths in this type of circuit
a) Series b) Closed c) Open d) Parallel
This form of energy usues a thermocouple consisting of two different metals to produce a flow of electrons.
a) Nuclear b) Light c) Chemical d) Heat
This form of energy uses photovoltaic cells for conversion.
a) Chemical b) Light c) Magnetism d) Heat
This form of energy is produced by applying mechanical pressure to quartz crystal?
a) Magnetism b) Nuclear c) Light d) Piezoelectric
This form of energy is the most often produced and operates using the law of repulsion and two different poles?
a) Chemical b) Heat c) Magnetism d) Piezoelectric
This form of energey is produced using two dissimilar metals, an electrolyte, and two or more cells connected.
a) Chemical b) Light c) Nuclear d) Heat
Switches, fuses, and circuit breakers are hooked up in this type of circuit. (One turns off they al do)
a) Series b) parallel c) d)
A battery is made up of two or more of these...
a) Swtiches b) paths c) cells d) laods
This type of current changes direction and is found in most outlets in residential homes in the US.
a) Direct Current b) Alternating Current c) d)
This device changes or converts energy from one form into another form of energy
a) Load b) Path c) Switch d) Battery
This device controls the electron flow in a circuit
a) Load b) Switch c) power source d)
Electrons in motion is known as...
a) Static Electricity b) Current Electricity c) Voltage d)
Opposition to the flow of electrons is known as...
a) Voltage b) Ohms c) Resistance d) Amperes
The negative end of a battery is called...
a) Anode b) Cathode c) + d) -
Resisitance is measured in...
a) Amperes b) Voltage c) Ohms d)
The positive end of a battery is known as the ...
a) Anode b) Cathode c) + d) -
Materials that allow electrons to flow through them are called _____________, materials that resist the flow of electrons are called ____________.
a) Insulators, conductors b) Conductors, Insulators c) Conductors, semi-conductors d)
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