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Land given to the Israelites after settling in Egypt
a) Goshen b) Cairo c) Sudan d) correct answer not given
At first the Israelites were treated as
a) honored guests b) slaves c) fools d) no correct answer given
The period of wealth and prosperity in Egypt was known as
a) New Kingdom b) New Times c) New Hope d) no correct answer given
The second book in the Bible. It's name means departure.
a) Exodus b) Genesis c) Leviticus d) Numbers
The pharaoh feared the Israelites. He made them
a) slaves b) leave Egypt c) leave Goshen d) no correct answer given
The Israelites language was
a) Hebrew b) Jewish c) Greek d) no correct answer given
He was saved from the pharaoh's law that all Israelites boys shall be thrown into the river Nile.
a) Moses b) Aaron c) Jacob d) no correct answer given
Moses had to flee Egypt because he killed an Egyptian. He fled to
a) Midian b) Canaan c) Oz d) no correct answer given
God appeared to Moses in a
a) burning bush b) pond c) field d) no correct answer given
A name given to God that describes Him as ever-present to His people.
a) Yahweh b) Allah c) Abba d) no correct answer given
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