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Place the order of the universe in the correct order from the LARGEST to the smallest
a) solar system, planets, galaxy cluster, galaxy, universe b) universe, galaxy, galaxy cluster, solar system, planets c) planets, solar system, galaxy cluster, galaxy, universe d) solar system, galaxy cluster, planets, galaxy, universe
In which type of model are the Sun, other stars, and the Moon in orbit around the Earth?
a) polycentric model b) heliocentral model c) geocentric model d) concentric model
Our sun is classified as which type of star?
a) white dwarfs b) blue giants c) main sequence d) red supergiants
Which group of stars is the hottest and brightest
a) white dwarfs b) main sequence stars c) red super giants d) blue giants
When a star becomes a supernova its brightness
a) increases b) vanishes c) decreases d) doesn't change
________is the process that creates energy in the sun
a) red shift b) fusion c) parallax d) perigee
What holds planets, stars, gas, and dust together in a galaxy?
a) friction b) gravity c) inerita d) forces
The North Star,_____, is positioned almost directly over the North Pole
a) Betelegeuse b) Polaris c) Orion d) Sirius
Albedo is the material blasted out of the Moon's surface as a result of space-object impacts
a) true b) false c) d)
The distance that light travels in one year is called a
a) a light year b) a light ray c) an astronomical unit d) a ray unit
What is not a feature of the sun?
a) corona b) chromosphere c) quasar d) solar flares
Kepler's _____law states that planets move around the sun in an elliptical patter
a) 1st b) 2nd c) 3rd d) 4th
Kepler's ____law states that planets move faster when closer to the sun
a) 1st b) 2nd c) 3rd d) 4th
Kepler's ______law states that the greater the distance from the sun, the longer the period of revolution
a) 1st b) 2nd c) 3rd d) 4th
________is when the moon is closet to the earth
a) perigee b) apogee c) perihelion d) aphelion
_______is when the planet is farthest from the sun
a) apogee b) perigee c) aphelion d) perihelion
______is when the planet is closet to the sun
a) apogee b) perigee c) perihelion d) aphelion
_______is the variation in precession
a) apogee b) nutation c) protostar d) precession
December 21 is when the ________ occurs
a) fall equinox b) spring equinox c) aphelion d) perihelion
March 21 is when the ______occurs
a) fall equinox b) spring equinox c) aphelion d) perihelion
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