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Who lobbies government officials?
a) individuals b) businesses c) special interest groups d) all of the above
A person who tries to influence lawmakers to support a cause is called a-
a) President b) Congressman c) Lobbyist d) Media
All of the following are ways that individuals influence public policy EXCEPT-
a) participate in politics b) express opinions c) join an interest group d) provide a forum for opposing viewpoints
All of the following are ways that special interest groups influence public policy EXCEPT-
a) make political contributions b) help identify issues c) lobby government officials d) give the state of the union address
What is public policy?
a) laws b) issues the president thinks are important c) issues that the media thinks are important d) issues that special interest groups think are important
Which of the following is not a way that the media influences public policy?
a) focusing attention on issues b) providing a forum for opposing viewpoints c) holding government officials accountable d) participating in politics
The issues that Americans think are important are known as-
a) public policy b) public agenda c) public forum d) public problems
Which of the following is a way that the President influences public policy?
a) hold government officials accountable b) provide a forum c) join a special interest group d) appoint officials to help carry out laws
When the President travels around the country to give speeches, he is-
a) giving the state of the union b) appealing directly to the people c) vetoing bills d) appointing officials to carry out laws
How does the President directly affect what laws are passed?
a) sign laws b) veto laws c) all of the above d)
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