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A synonym for an autobiography
a) argument b) narrative c) editorial d) biography
An antonym for chronic
a) ending b) continuing c) lasting d) persisting
A synonym for photogenic
a) unattractive b) ugly c) attractive d) unsightly
An synonym for automatic
a) voluntary b) by hand c) manual d) involuntary
An antonymn for chronological
a) sequential b) disorganized c) ordered d) progressive
An antonym for synchronize is
a) coincide b) match c) separate d) agree
A microphone makes sounds
a) louder b) soften c) unheard d) mute
If a person is photosensitive they may do this more easily than other people
a) tan b) turn white c) windburn d) sunburn
A synonym for photocopy is
a) original b) speaker c) record player d) image
A synonym for photosynthesis
a) orchestration b) reaction c) picture d) biography
Which word if NOT a synonym for chronically?
a) ending b) habitually c) continuous d) lasting
Which words is NOT a synonym for automatic
a) instinctive b) mechanical c) voluntary d) involuntary
Autopilot would not be used to steer
a) a car b) an airplane c) ship d) spaceship
A symphony is not a (an)
a) song b) long piece of music c) orchestration d)
A phonograph is a
a) CD player b) cassette player c) MP3 player d) record player
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