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SYNONYM: jurisdiction
a) purview b) likeness c) escape d) verdict
SYNONYM: indiscriminate
a) unlawful b) unselective c) unhelpful d) unable
SYNONYM: repercussion
a) cause b) hostility c) balance d) consequence
SYNONYM: instill
a) infuse b) quiet c) remove d) replace
SYNONYM: inaudible
a) unhearable b) unbearable c) incurable d) undeniable
SYNONYM: plebian
a) commoner b) student c) aristocrat d) diplomat
SYNONYM: pseudonym
a) pen name b) pet name c) nickname d) brand name
SYNONYM: rehabilitate
a) rename b) restore c) replace d) reduce
SYNONYM: apparition
a) specter b) divider c) diappearance d) ancestor
SYNONYM: cower
a) approach b) defend c) assault d) shrink
a) distress b) pinnacle c) bottom d) darkness
ANTONYM: pertinent
a) unrelated b) sassy c) upright d) lasting
ANTONYM: capitulate
a) hold up b) hold out c) hold over d) hold in
ANTONYM: tawdry
a) brown b) refined c) scandalous d) poor
ANTONYM: fervent
a) pessimistic b) healthy c) apathetic d) hopeful
a) open b) ajar c) keen d) unlikely
ANTONYM: menial
a) lofty b) lonely c) lively d) leafy
ANTONYM: unassuming
a) concerned b) concentrated c) conceited d) concise
ANTONYM: unflagging
a) patriotic b) subversive c) blustery d) sagging
ANTONYM: cryptic
a) funereal b) scary c) staccato d) clear
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