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______________ is something you can see and feel outside everyday.
a) climate b) weather c) precipitation d) drought
________ is the amount of water that falls to the earth.
a) climate b) weather c) precipitation d) drought
_______ is the average weather an area gets over a long period of time.
a) climate b) weather c) precipitation d) drought
_______ is a long time of very dry weather.
a) climate b) weather c) precipitiation d) drought
Which is NOT a form of precipitiation?
a) rain b) snow c) ice d) clouds
Our state has ______ different seasons.
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
Why is Pennsylvania good for growing crops?
a) We have very cold winters. b) We have hot summers with plenty of rain. c) We have 4 seasons. d) We have snow and ice storms.
In the summer, most of our rain comes from _________________.
a) snow b) ice c) the ocean d) thunderstorms
What type of climate do we live in?
a) Lake Erie type b) Long hot summer and mild winter type c) Short cool summer and cold winter type d) Long hot summer and long cold winter type
Which storms are rare to Pennsylvania?
a) hurricanes and tornandos b) ice and snow storms c) thunderstorms d) hail storms
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