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Which is NOT a Southern Colony?
a) New Jersey b) Virginia c) North Carolina d) Georgia
What was the first PERMANENT English settlement in North America?
a) Charles Town, South Carolina b) Roanoke, North Carolina c) Jamestown, Virginia d) Williamsburg, Virginia
Under what system did colonists who paid their own way to Virginia get 50 acres?
a) Encomienda System b) System of Rebellion c) Indentured Servitude d) Headright System
Under what system was a contract signed to work for 4 years in exchange for their trip?
a) Encomienda System b) Indentured Servitude c) System of Rebellion d) Headright System
Why did many English Catholics come to America?
a) religious freedom b) search for gold c) set up businesses d) freedom of the press
Which colony was set up as a refuge (safe place) for Catholics?
a) South Carolina b) Pennsylvania c) Maryland d) Virginia
What Act was the first law supporting religious tolerance passed in the English colonies?
a) Toleration Act of 1659 b) Magna Carta c) Plymouth Charter d) Virginia Act of Responsibilities
What did the economies of the southern colonies depend upon?
a) agriculture b) small businesses c) fishing d) coal mining
Laws to contol slaves were called
a) e pluribus unum b) acts of toleration c) slave options d) slave codes
In 1609 in Jamestown, the winter of disease and famine was called
a) endless days b) starving time c) winter at Valley Forge d) eve of destruction
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