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What is the Church of England
a) Anglican Church b) Colony c) Indentured Servant d) Indigo
a group of people in one place who are ruled by another parent country elsewhere.
a) Middle Colonies b) Colony c) Indentured Servant d) Indigo
poor people living in England who were paid to come and work for people in America. After 3-7 years of work, they became free.
a) Mother Country b) Native American c) Indentured Servant d) Northern Colonies
something grown in the south
a) Proclamation b) Puritan c) Indigo d) Slave
A group of colonies composed of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania where farmers grew wheat and other crops. There were also sawmills, mines, and ironworks
a) Middle Colonies b) Mother Country c) Native American d) Northern Colonies
Known as the parent country that sets rules for their governing countries
a) Northern Colonies b) Proclamation c) Mother Country d) Native American
people living in America before European countries started colonies there
a) Native American b) Northern Colonies c) Proclamation d) Puritan
A group of colonies composed of New Hampshire, Massachussetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, where people worked in small businesses and in shipbulding.
a) Proclamation b) Puritan c) Slave d) Northern Colonies
A group of colonies composed of Virigina, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, where people owned plantations. They also grew tobacco, rice, and indigo.
a) Proclamation b) Puritan c) Southern Colonies d) Slave
a fee people are required to pay the government when buying things
a) Tax b) Indentured Servant c) Indigo d) Middle Colonies
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