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Angela has a part-time job working after school and on Saturdays at a local florist. In what type of Supervised Agricultural Experience is Angela participating?
a) Placement b) Supplementary c) Improvement d) Analytical
Joey spent two hours on Saturday pruning a fruit tree although his Supervised Agricultural Experience program is producing bedding plants in his own greenhouse. In which section of the SAE Record would he enter the fruit tree pruning activity?
a) Analytical b) Experimental c) Placement d) Supplementary
Michele is computerizing the production records for a local nursery operation. This is an example of what type of Supervised Agricultural Experience?
a) Improvement b) Placement c) Entrepreneurship d) Analytical
Sheri's Supervised Agricultural Experience is to identify an agricultural problem that cannot be solved by experiments. It does involve designing a plan to investigate and analyze the problem. What type of SAE is Sheri working on?
a) Exploratory b) Experimental c) Analytical d) Entrepreneurship
What type Supervised Agricultural Experience is Jose doing if he visits a wholesale nursery and shadows employees to learn about careers?
a) Entrepreneurship b) Analytical c) Supplementary d) Exploratory
Which SAE Record heading would be used by Charles if he has an entrepreneurship type Supervised Agricultural Experience?
a) Hypothesis b) Type of enterprise c) Review of literature d) Training agreement
Sean is working on the training agreement part of his Supervised Agricultural Experience. It is signed by himself, parent or guardian, employer or supervisor. This is part of what type of SAE?
a) Placement b) Analytical c) Entrepreneurship d) Improvement
Joe spent several days landscaping his home to help the appearance and to increase the comfort and value. What Supervised Agricultural Experience is Joe conducting?
a) Placement b) Analytical c) Improvement d) Experimental
Carl keeps accurate records including amounts of items bought and sold for his Supervised Agricultural Experience. What type of SAE is Carl working on?
a) Improvement b) Placement c) Analytical d) Entrepreneurship
If Jerome made an entry in the SAE Record under the Hypothesis heading, which type of Supervised Agricultural Experience would he have?
a) Experimental b) Placement c) Exploratory d) Entrepreneurship
The part of the horticulture industry MOST associated with growing, maintaining and processing grapes is:
a) Floriculture b) Viticulture. c) Pomology d) Olericulture.
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