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Tending to argue or cause discord
a) Epitome b) Tome c) Punctilious d) Fractious
Paying strict attention to detail; extremely careful.
a) Infraction b) Evince c) Compunction d) Punctilious
Minor violation of a rule or law
a) Tome b) Infraction c) Compunction d) Infringe
Feeling of regret or remorse
a) Anatomy b) Compunction c) Infringe d) Incisive
to intrude on an area belonging to another; to trespass
a) Excise b) Epitome c) Infringe d) Tome
The structure or parts, taken as a whole
a) Anatomy b) Tome c) Epitome d) Concise
sharply cutting; direct and powerful
a) Concise b) Incisive c) Epitome d) Tome
Brief and straight forward
a) Tome b) Excise c) Concise d) Infringe
a large and serious book
a) Infringe b) Tome c) Concise d) Infraction
the best or most typical example
a) Tome b) Concise c) Infringe d) Epitome
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