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Canada is bordered by all of the following oceans EXCEPT
a) Arctic b) Indian c) Atlantic d) Pacific
_______________is home to 1/12 of Canada's population.
a) Vancouver b) Calgary c) Montreal d) Toronto
On the West Coast of Canada, has a large Asian influence from ___ and _____.
a) American and China b) America and Japan c) Japan and China d) Japan and Bangladesh
___________ are people who flee a country because of war, persecution, or natural disaster.
a) Refugees b) Loyalists c) Commuters d) Migraters
Canada values ____________ which an acceptance of many cultures instead of just one.
a) Ethnocentrism b) Multiculturalism c) Isolationism d) Monoculturalism
The European influences of _______________ and ______________ are most notable on the East Coast of Canada.
a) France and Spain b) American and France c) France and Great Britain d) American and Great Britain
In the Canadian government, ___________ is Head of State and in the United States it is _____________.
a) Queen Elizabeth II, Barack Obama b) Queen Elizabeth II, Joseph Biden c) Stephen Harper, Barack Obama d) Stephen Harper, Joseph Biden
In a ___________democracy, the Prime Minister is the Head of the Government.
a) Presidential b) Parlimentary c) Autocracy d) Oligarchy
In a _________ democracy, the head of government is elected by and answers to the people
a) Presidential b) Parlimentary c) Oligarcic d) Autocratic
Canada's biggest trading partner is the _________________
a) Great Britian b) Australia c) Mexico d) United States
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