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The kilogram is the basic unit of ___ in the SI system.
a) mass b) density c) volume d) temperature
The amount of space an object occupies is its ___.
a) mass b) volume c) density d) temperature
___ is an object's mass divided by its volume.
a) mass b) volume c) density d) temperature
The SI unit for temperature is
a) milliliters b) kelvins c) Fahrenheit d) grams per cubic centimeter
The measure of how much surface an object has is its ___.
a) length b) volume c) density d) area
The International System of Units ___.
a) is based on standardized body measurements b) contains units that are based on the number 10 c) is also known as the English system d) was invented in China
A prototype, or ___, of a new car show investors the features a caar company would like to include in their latest design.
a) technology b) tool c) model d) prediction
The length of a pencil is best measured in ___.
a) centiliters b) centimeters c) grams d) kilograms
Colored balls and sticks arranged to show the type and placement of particles in a water molecule is an ___.
a) law b) tool c) model d) prediction
A ___ object contains more matter than a 15 kg object.
a) 150 g b) 5 mg c) 5,000 g d) 20,000 g
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